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Madonna di Campiglio
Ferrari & Ducati Press Ski Meeting

The Formula 1 and Moto Gp international appointment that brought together Ferrari and Ducati teams and journalists from around the world during the annual convention in Madonna di Campiglio.

WROOOM Madonna di Campiglio Ferrari & Ducati Press Ski Meeting

14 Jan 2010
Fernando Alonso charms the media at Wrooom!

The Spanish champion spoke to the press today for the first time as a Ferrari driver


At last Fernando Alonso’s moment has come!

He’s spent the last few days larking about on the Campiglio slopes, taking a few spectacular tumbles, joking with the press and tucking into some good Trentino food. Today he finally faced the cameras and the questions for the first time in Ferrari colours.


“Ferrari is not just a car," he explained. "It's everyone’s dream team, all over the world. When you enter Maranello the sense of history, of legend hits you. Cars are roaring around, there's the noise, the fantastic circuit: it's an incredible sensation, it gives you a real buzz."


Alonso's is a declaration of everlasting love. “I have achieved one of my life's goals, so I think I’ll be ending my career here."


Lots of questions on the return of Schumacher, and their rivalry for F1 2010. Fernando Alonso admits that the German's comeback adds an edge to the title race and gives him an extra reason to do his damnedest to grab the championship again. “I'm here to do a job, to give everything I have and I'm ready for a really out and out fight with all the drivers, especially from Mercedes, McLaren and Red Bull."


He’s never forgotten his native Asturie. Asked whether he'd rather Spain win the World Cup this summer or take the world title with Ferrari, he played for time: “Give me at least this afternoon to think about it." Relaxed and good humoured, and sharp enough to dodge the traps, everyone agreed he’ll make a great TV personality and have people talking about him and his Italian exploits.


He spoke a good deal in Italian and stressed the Latin character of the current Ferrari outfit, showing he already has a great feeling with the fans and the media.


One last remark on his time at Wrooom: “I'm really enjoying myself here in Madonna di Campiglio, and I love the snow. I have to admit I'm self-taught and my style's far from perfect but you can be sure I'm very quick!"


The Spanish papers are certain about one thing. Next year Campiglio will be full of Spanish fans and skiers. But the climate of enthusiasm is general: everyone agrees the Rossa has a brilliant new star to brighten up the season.





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